Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Rock

I sat on a Rock in a garden
and pondered over my life.    rock
There were times of sadness
and times of joy,
times of tears and times of laughter.
Yet it seemed just like
every time my life
was starting to come together,
It would all come crashing down around me.

A man came up to me and said,
“You know there is someone who can truly make a difference in your life
One who can help you
weather the storms.

I asked who that was,
“Joshua, he replied”.
“Really?”, I asked
“Really” he replied.

He can help you to find
what you are looking for.
Like that rock you are sitting on,
Solid and stable.

“Where can I find this Joshua?”
I asked
“I wish I could tell you.”
The man replied.
“You will have to find him
for yourself”

So I set out on a journey.
I was even bold enough
to knock on every door I could find.
Some doors were pretty plain.
Others were fairly fancy.

Plain or fancy didn’t seem to matter.
Some heard of this Joshua,
Some knew him well,
some not at all.

I would look past
and around the doors
and see their homes.
Again, some were plain, some fancy.
Though all the homes I went to,
seemed a bit battered and worn
by some storms
that had passed through

The homes of those who knew Joshua
seemed pretty solid.
Those who did not
seemed to have some pretty damaged homes.

Windows were shattered.
Walls that were cracked.
Roofs tattered and torn.

Then I looked toward the ground
and noticed something strange,
All the people who knew Joshua
had solid foundations
beneath their homes
There was little or no foundation beneath the homes of those who knew Joshua little or not at all.

After all this walking
and knocking on doors,
I began to get pretty tired.
I decided to go back to the garden
And think about my day.
I found the Rock I had sat on before
And sifted through all I had encountered that day.
The man I saw earlier came back
And asked if he could sit with me.
I thought for a moment
and decided it was ok.

He began to speak…
“I had a good friend,
very much like you,” he said
His name was Simon,
but we all called him Sandy.
He wrestled and struggled,
stood and stumbled.
He often jumped into situations
and got himself
into some pretty big messes.

As we got to know each other,
He began to pull his life together.
He learned how to
weather the storms of life.
He even got mad at me one day.

During one of these storms
that rolled through,
He was all upset and worried.
He found me almost sleeping
right through it

As he began to pull his life together,
we started calling him “Pete”
then “Rocky”
He really learned how to
weather the storms
and deal with the battle and fights
that life can and will bring.

Then he looked at me and asked,
“Would you like to learn how to deal with the storms and battles life can and will bring?”
I knew the answer right away,
But I couldn’t get the words out.
I began to try to nod my head

Then something strange happened.
He looked deep into my eyes,
into my soul.
Then he called me by name and said.
“Would you like me to help you?”
“Tears began to well in my eyes”
Joshua? Is it you?
It is.

Let me talk with you
Let me walk with you
Let me show you.

Then he pointed across the garden
I saw my home.
It was battered by the storms.

He pointed to the left
and I saw two pieces of wood
not destroyed by the storm.
The first pointed toward heaven,
The second piece connected to it
Balancing upon the horizon.

Then he pointed to the right
and I saw a cave
There was a large Rock by the cave
I saw some pieces of cloth inside,
But nothing else.    tomb

He walked me over to my home
He pointed to the rock and I nodded.
Brick by brick, board by board,
Together we rebuilt my home
on that rock

We walked, we talked
He showed me
how to rebuild my home
And my life.

The storms still came.
My home managed to
withstand any storm
That came after that
And I spent many days on my porch,          lighthouse
At my kitchen table
and in my living room
Getting to know Joshua better
And listening to him teach me
how to live.