‘Laying Fleece’

A Word (or two) from Pastor Dave

 ‘Gideon said to God,  “If you will save (us) by my hand as you have promised- Look, I will place a wool fleece on the threshing floor.  If there is dew only on the fleece and all the ground is dry, Then I will know that you will save (us)  by my hand as you have said (promised)”

Fleece1aIt’s one of my favorite stories in the bible. A man named Gideon, self proclaimed “least of the least” (least of his tribe, least of his clan). God’s messenger, “The” Angel of the Lord comes to Gideon and greets him. “The Lord is with you mighty warrior”. What a greeting. I love Gideon’s response, “If the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us?” Have you ever felt that way? The least of the least, being asked to do mighty tasks, going through many difficult, painful things in your life?

Gideon asks for a little affirmation, confirmation. Can you blame him? Fleece1bGideon shares an offering, it is engulfed in a fiery blaze, leaving nothing left. Though there is great debate, some claim the angel of the Lord is the preincarnate Jesus, before His coming to earth in the form of a baby. The Angel of the Lord encourages him to stand up for God and confront the corruption all around him.

Gideon then sees enemies all around him gather. Gideon sounds a mighty trumpet blast, calling all who would gather round him to defend his people. He looks around and sees the odds are great. His enemies have gathered 100,000 men. He has summoned only 32,000. Gideon lays a fleece on the ground, twice, just to confirm it is God asking him to do this, willing to help him do this. God first makes the fleece wet and the ground dry, then at Gideon’s request does the reverse.

God then tells Gideon to tell any of the men who are afraid, to go home.Fleecewater 22,000 men run, leaving only 10,000. God says there are still
too many. He sends them to the river and tells Gideon the ones who drink from the river, lapping the water like dogs will be his army. His army is now 300. Have you ever felt like the odds against you just keep increasing, things becoming almost insurmountable? Gideon snuck into the camp and heard the fear of his enemies and his faith in God was strengthened. He handed the 300 men torches and trumpets and the rest is history.

FleecehornsIs there a reason I share this story with you now? There is. This coming October 13th, it will be four years ago to the day I arrived in Akron, My wife and possessions arriving earlier that day. Forty-eight months ago, once thousand, four hundred and sixty days later, here I am.

God gave me that story before, during and after I arrived here. He laid fleece before me, making it clear I was to come here. Like Gideon, I am full of faults and  flaws, “the least of the least.” God did not send you a mighty warrior to bring victory, God sent someone He would work through to bring mighty victories. Do you believe the story of Gideon to be true? Do you believe God is powerful enough to work through someone like me? Come join us this fall. Come grab a torch and a trumpet. Come be part of “Gideon’s (God’s) army and find out.

In Christ,

Pastor Dave