Excitement and enthusiasm is growing at Akron First as we look forward to 2016

A committed group is regularly attending Hand to Plow meetings with persons from other congregations looking for ways to minister in increasingly relevant ways. They are joined by a number of people in the congregation every other week for prayer, study, and discussion.

New ideas and energy is already evident from this intentional work together.

Our Sunday School is finding ways to better teach and serve, with the Kids Worship a successful addition to the program. Results of this hard work and dedication were visible as the youth and children shared the Christmas story on December 13 with much joy.

We are responding to a call to make up a deficiency in our overall giving toward the 2015 budget with a significant portion of the shortfall already given.

Recognizing the need to try some new things and to maintain and improve what is in place we committed to support a budget which includes specialized staff to help us meet that need.

As we enter the new year there are ways we can all get involved, challenges we will face together, and successes we can celebrate.

Our studies and morning worship will center around what we believe. (see page 2) It is an opportunity to explore and to grow in a meaningful and caring way which provides a safe environment to share those ideas and understandings with which we sometimes struggle.

We continue to serve and reach out to the community with the programs at the C Dee Wright Center and our campus is often bustling with members of the community coming and going for various reasons.

If you are already apart of some of the good things happening here THANK YOU! If you have been away or disconnected for awhile we invite you to join us, even if only in a few of the opportunities.

Happy New Year!