Africa 360 – Fighting poverty, disease, and Malaria

Africa360Africa 360 is an initiative of the Upper New York Conference of the United Methodist Church. Africa 360 combines the initiatives of Imagine No Malaria and Africa University to fight poverty and disease in Africa.  Each local congregation is encouraged to send an offering for this initiative to be presented at the opening offering of the 2016 Session of the Annual Conference in June.

Uniquely, Africa 360 is about dreaming God-sized dreams, ambitiously eliminating preventable deaths from malaria and equipping the next generation of leaders.

  • A comprehensive vision to fight poverty and disease in Africa needs to engage and empower local communities in a culturally relevant, relational way.
  • Imagine No Malaria uses a comprehensive strategy to eliminate malaria deaths, including education, treatment, communication and prevention. The professionals that are needed to communicate disease-fighting messages and messages of peace are being actively trained at Africa University, so they can fulfill the mission of Africa University and “Live Here, Learn Here, Lead Here.”

The Upper New York Conference was the first to bring Imagine No Malaria and Africa University under the umbrella of Africa 360; two initiatives fit into a larger story. We are blazing a trail!

Africa University is uniquely positioned to train health and administration specialists who follow the mindset of Africa University and “Learn Here, Live Here, Lead Here.” When a program like Imagine No Malaria needs clinic operators, volunteer community workers, health board workers and researchers, Africa University graduates are the perfect resource to enliven and enrich their communities and save lives.

AfricaTakeaBiteWith God, our gifts go far:

  • Imagine No Malaria: at least 100,000 lives saved from a preventable, treatable and beatable disease, and long-term programs established to save even more
  • Africa University Endowed Scholarship Fund: 8 fully endowed scholarships, given in perpetuity

If you want to give toward this initiative please write check to

Akron First UMC with Africa 360 in the memo line

We will take one check from our church to put in the Annual Conference offering