Summer Programs


SummerCampThe United Methodist Church Conference gives our youth many opportunities to experience Summer Camp in a wholesome and exciting setting.


Camp gives children a solid foundation that lasts a lifetime, and equips youth for success at school, at home, at church, and in the world by building them up and giving them the gifts of confidence, faith in God, and a healthy self-esteem. Campers just don’t hear about something, they do it! Everything at camp is hands on, feet on, and heads up. Campers become interested, get involved, and achieve. For most youth it is a life changing experience

Katie Grant shared a few comments about Camp Asbury, where she was able to attend multiple times:  “Camp was an exciting and unique experience.

It gave me opportunity to do new things such as kayaking, zip lining, ropes courses and team building activities. I’m very glad that I was able to participate in this life-changing event.”

Check out our camp websites and consider sending your child to camp.  There is scholarship money available if you are interested in sending your child to camp and need assistance.  Please contact Becky in the office with any questions: or call (716) 542-2060.

Camp Casowasco located in Moravia, New York:

Camp Skye Farm located in Warrensburg, New York: